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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  December 25, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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doppler is lit up. check in with cbs five, i guess a little christmas rain. >> yeah. i think this will stop toward the afternoon. we will see heavier amounts of rain moving in. our radar picking up on that activity right now. even some thunderstorms as the resulting to show -- starting to show up. we had a few showers move on through but now the rain is picking up. you can see the cell there is and more to come throughout the afternoon. we will see brief periods of heavy rain, strong gusty winds and again you could see some of the isolated thunderstorms passing through the bay area. at lot of that right now the yellows and oranges, near bodega bay. this is all spreading south. into the afternoon we are expecting heavy amounts of rainfall. that could be a concern. we could see local flooding, not that we will see a lot of rain but maybe an inch of rain. maybe two inches over the mountain top.
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maybe a half inch down to san jose. a good soaker coming our wake stay inside and have a merry christmas. >> thank you. this latest series of rain could be a big problem for people near the creek. sunday's heavy rain caused the creek that runs from east palo alto to memlo park to spill over a levy there. it caused floods in a east palooal to neighborhood. the flooding caused major damage. >> it was like up this high and we were afraid it was going to in there but there was no water damage to the house. >> crews now putting in overtime, sandbagging and making emergency repairs. the mayor said the city is working on a long term solution. more rain is not going to help. you can track the storm with the live high definition doppler radar.
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those dreaming of a quite christmas may be getting more than they barginned for. a nasty winter storm is racing across the country and it's wreaking havoc on travelers. it could spawn some twisters down south. >> reporter: a major storm system is promising to bring snow, sleet and possibly christmas day tornadoes to the nation's midsection. there are winter storm warnings stretching from oklahoma to pennsylvania. some parts of upstate new york and pennsylvania could see one to two feet of snow. big cities like new york and boston could see wind gusts of up to 60 miles an hour. in the southeast the largest tornado threat ever seen on christmas day, brought on by the winter storm coming from the west, mixing with the warm waters of the gulf of mexico. >> severe thunderstorm warns are on going and the reason is a lost energy in the atmosphere and what that's causing the
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potential for a widespread severe winter outbreak. >> reporter: this is complicating travel plans. many may have to spend the end of the holiday in an airport terminal. and driving may not be an option. the national weather service said parts of arkansas could get up to ten inches of snow, causing white out conditions. this storm is part of the same system that brought more than four feet of snow in the high sierras of california just a few days ago. in washington. >> let's go head and look at live pictures. this is dallas texas. you can see the snow is falls there. the snow could rival the storms of 1982 when 29 tornadoes killed three people across five states. firefighters in the south bay are trying to find what caused a commercial building to go up in flames this morning.
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the fire started just before 5:00 a.m. at the engineering building on dill avenue in campbell. a business in the back of the structure was damaged including a car but nobody was hurt. took a lot of firefighters to fight it. still no sign of a drunk driving suspect who jumped off a bridge into a rushing creek in marin. investigators say the 24-year- old anthony donaldson ran from a dui checkpoint. he was later seen in the creek. police tried to coax him out but he swam away and hasn't been seen. and dozens of first of all erin mates were pardoned, 79 convict felons were pardoned. most were convicted of drug offenses, one of them is ken benedict who joined an inmate fire crew in prison. he is now a school volunteer
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and engaged to be married. right now volunteers are pee pairing a christmas feast for the less fortunate. they are planning to serve up two meals today. we are over at the memorial church in the city all morning long. she has been there were a long running tradition of helping the homeless. >> reporter: merry christmas. i want to show you volunteers are still out here. we have swapped out of turkeys and hams, now we are working on sandwhichs as the tradition of helping others continues. it's a san francisco tradition here. one that brought back volunteers like daniel maxwell for the past eight years. we saw him here last month. >> for me to come here and spend three hours of my morning to know that someone will be receiving something good and it makes me feel good. >> reporter: it also brings in
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first timers like marie who made a last minute decision. >> we have to give back in some way. i can't give money because i'm not oprah. at least, you know, i can give my time and i'm willing to volunteer and help where i can. >> reporter: cecil williams and volunteers have given back to the local community for almost 30 years through this program. >> we should love people enough so that the people will understand that all of us together make it happen. if we are separated and isolated we can't make it together. >> reporter: before the crack of dawn volunteers worked to prepare almost five thousand meals. today more than 650 people signed up to help. organizers say volunteer spots fill up in hours. getting help beyond the holidays is the concern. >> there is still homeless to serve and poor people and to remember it's just throughout the year. a lost times we can use
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volunteers in march or in june. we don't -- people aren't coming regularly then. >> reporter: now they will serve up meals until 2:00 today. you can see asu football players are also here helping out the team is in town for the craft hunger bowl and they have decided to stop by on this christmas day and spread a little cheer. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> thank you. >> thousands of home bound seniors and people with illnesses here in san francisco not forgotten today on christmas. salvation army volunteers got up early and prepared more than 4,000 traditional meals and then delivered them but they weren't the only things donated. they were also giving the gift of time and company. >> giving up their time here and volunteering those who deliver the meals but it's also
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the knock on the door, merry christmas, and -- you know, it could be the only human contact they get. >> volunteers said all the meals delivered, all four thousand by 11:00. things are quiet today. school, banks, post office, all closed for christmas as well as the courthouses and government offices, wall street and other united states markets also shut down. you can still find some retail businesses open, people should also expect trash pick up to be a day late this week. coming up, new details in the ambush of two new york firefighters. the note the killer left behind. and netflix crashes on christmas eve. what they are saying about a massive outage. >> showers earlier. now the rain starting to pick up. it could be a rocking afternoon. we will talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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population has voted to app the referendum on a new constitution. the vote sparked protests b . >> egypt said 63% of the population voted to approve the new constitution. groups have accused the president of a power grab. they claim that the new constitution will undermine human rights. the markets closed today for christmas. investors sold stocks yesterday at the deadline but that deal to avoid the fiscal cliff on new year's if democrats and republicans can't compromise, tax hikes will kick in, the tax policy center said families making $50,000 a year will have
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to pay $2,400 more in taxes. the excon who lured firefighters to their deaths left a note saying he wanted to burn down the neighborhood and do what i like doing best, killing people. >> we are being shot at. multiple fireman down, i'm shot. >> that was a call that a wounded firefighter made, william spangler burned his home yesterday and waited for first responders. he was armed a gun, a shot gun and a rifle. he opened fire when crews arrived. arrived. two firefighters were killed. >> just always there for you. you just take them for granted. you don't -- >> two more wounded are still in the hospital on this christmas day. spangler took his own life. his rifle is the same make and caliber weapon used by the
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newtown shooter. families in connecticut are trying to find solace on this christmas day. the town is still reeling from the shooting that killed 26 people at the sandy hook elementary more than a week ago. residents say it's important to still celebrate christmas. >> fortunately we have many, many kids that are still here. it's all about them and being with family. we take one hour at a time one minute at a time. >> police officers will get christmas day off to spend it with their families. officers from surrounding towns will cover the shifts. 50,000 gathered to hear the pope's message today. >> dear brothers and sisters in rom experience throughout the world a happy christmas to you and your families. >> reporter: in his address he focused on the need to keep hope alive and just as he did on christmas eve he called for
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peace in palestine and israel and a end to the war in syria. >> i think that -- that's what he says and when he says it he is listened to by all the world leaders and also by the people on the ground. >> the pope's message was translated in to 65 languages. the gown tried something a little less traditional. her she gave her holiday wishes in 3d. she sported 3d glasses to review her work. of course they are fit for a queen studded with crystals in the shape of the letter q. insiders hinted she didn't return them to the recycling bin. i guess not. with royal crystals. . we have royal rain coming. >> merry christmas. it could be a wild afternoon. we have had showers early on. i think things pick up. maybe some storms around the bay area. good day to hunker down and
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enjoy family and friends. all the yellow and orange starting to show up outside. taking you for a closer look toward santa rose a. we are seeing heavier amounts, in toward bodega bay. we are expecting them to slide further to the south. if you look along the coastline, just off the coast of san francisco you are seeing a good storm, also south san francisco, this will push on shore and there are thunderstorms on the back side. something we are seeing just developing right now. look at the lite -- these are the thunderstorms i'm talking about. those are going to be going through the bay area through the afternoon. it could be a wild afternoon. be prepared for that. don't be surprise fire department ed if you see tunedder lightning. rain, it'll dump at times, it'll spread throughout the south and showers continuing tonight and tomorrow. this cold front working into the bay area. i think things pick up as it moves through.
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not the biggest weather maker we have seen. flooding a real possibility. if you are travel around the state, gets dangerous, dicey into sacramento. 49 degrees, thunderstorms there, the high country, lots of snow already, about 140% of normal this will see another two feet of snow, about 6500 feet. that snow level down to 3500. you will need the chains if you go in that direction. here is the latest forecast model as we have the storm system moving in, through the afternoon. by 5:00 you can see the pockets. it could be a wild evening. then once that goes by, becoming more scattered showers, you can see pockets of brief downpours, not only tonight but well into tomorrow. a good day to stay inside the
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inside. looks like stormy this afternoon. continuing tomorrow, showers on and off. you will see rainbows between but decent weather and by thursday we will dry it out. come friday a chance of more stormy weather and that continues in to saturday as wellw. will start to get a break and next week the long range models. we will get the extended break. this afternoon could be a wild christmas. >> we are due for a break. >> you have been pulling marathon duty. >> merry christmas. coming up, failure to launch, not quite how this rocket test is -- a leap forward in space technology ,,,,,,
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the stuff of science fictio the test. the private space flight company successful . company space eex is testing a rocket. they successfully conducted a test flight of its reusable rocket. this is in texas. the rocket lifted off -- touchdown on the launching pad. they said it's almost ready for its first real lift off. they will save a lot of money. netflix users, i got good news for us. you are in luck. the streaming video service is back online following a christmas eve outage. on its twitter page they blamed
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amazon's cloud for the problem. wire magazine reports it's the third time this year that an amazon outage has disrupted netflix. they are back online. coming up, santa that prefers a snow board instead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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need a sleigh to cut a pathn the mountain in steamboat springs, colorado... he bro his snowboard! and even thoh he didn't deliver any prese, he brought lots of smiles te . a man brought his snow
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board and even though he didn't bring presents's brought a lot of smiles to the skiers who stopped to watch him catch some air. he is on vacation now. he should be having fun. >> he can tear up a mean half pipe. >> now something for kid from one to 92. >> a little christmas, mdley. i like this first singer that would be me. >> chestnuts roasting on an open fire. >> jack frost nipping at your nose. >> and folks dressed up like eskimoes. >> everybody knows a turkey and some miss mistletoe. >> will find it hard to sleep tonight. >> they know that santa is on his way. >> he is loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh.
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>> and every mother's child is going to spy,. >> to see if reindeer really know how to fly. >> and so i'm offering this simple prayer,. >> to kids from one to 92. >> although hats been said, many times many ways, merry christmas to you. >> [applause]. we put that on youtube, it has 10,000 hits. >> i mean two hits. >> everybody did it. >> it was fun. we have some winter weather approaching on christmas afternoon and evening. >> a good day to stay inside and enjoy the family. look at this on the high definition doppler radar. we have the heavy rainfall making its way in to the north bay and in along the peninsula on the back side of this some very cold, unstable air. we have seen lightning strikes.
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we will see lightning across the bay area toward the afternoon. heavy downpours if you have to travel around. be very, very careful this afternoon. it'll work down in to the south bay in the latter part of the day. another heavy soaker, maybe localized flooding. >> okay. good day to stay in and have a nice christmas. >> relax. maybe one or two eggnogs. >> merry christmas. thank you for joining us. have a great holiday and enjoy, enjoy the holiday. >> i want more of that music. can we get that cd? ,,,,
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>> stephanie: oh, there you go. >> ridge: so pam's not coming? >> stephanie: uh, she said she had something else to do. >> thorne: well, she's dropping off the food, right? >> stephanie: no. she's not coming at all. >> ridge: ah, so that's why you told brooke that she could cook. >> felicia: brooke's cooking? >> ridge: and her sisters. >> thorne: a party catered by the logans. reminds me of the good old days. >> donna: aah! >> brooke: oh! >> donna: ugh, disgusting! >> brooke: oh, i suddenly feel like becoming a vegetarian. >> donna: oh. (sighs) why exactly are we doing this? >> brooke: i don't know. i thought it would be kind to offer. i had no idea that stephanie would say "yes." >> donna: (grunts) >> brooke: okay, what does it say to do next? >> donna: ugh. ooh.


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